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Our mission is to provide our customers with the convenience expected from your Loading dock, Dock door and warehouse safety products while maintaining the latest safety standards that you deserve. Our support personnel provides dispatch, quotes on demand and project management services. Retrofitting is available for all makes and models of  Loading dock, Commercial / Industrial door and warehouse safety products, which extends the life of your equipment.n warehouses where traffic is steady and both people and products are constantly moving, there is a higher probability for accidents. Our products can improve environmental conditions and visibility and protect people from dangerous situations.

Is your warehouse safe ?

When it comes to warehouse safety there are many benefits that are often overlooked. Safety procedures are frequently disregarded in a variety of workplaces due to insufficient time, inadequate resources or an opportunity to cut corners in an attempt to save money. However, when safety procedures are soundly implemented there are major benefits such as higher employee satisfaction as well as increased productivity. By minimizing the risk of injury, fewer workplace disruptions take place and absenteeism associated with injury is also reduced. Equipment downtime is another factor which can be avoided through the appropriate use of safety procedures.

Door safety edges

Door safety edges provide entrapment protection for motor-operated doors by offering an auto reverse or auto stop feature. When activated, the cushion inside the safety edge compresses and immediately sends an electronic signal to stop or reverse the motor. Some safety edges also provide a weather-tight seal that conforms to the floor’s surface.

Door Safety Sensors

Door safety sensors emit an invisible infrared beam, that when interrupted, blocks reception and causes the unit to send a signal to motor controls to stop or reverse the door’s operation.

Floor  Induction Loops

Floor induction loops embedded into the concrete on both sides of the doorway can substantially reduce operator error in the opening and closing of doors. With no moving or exposed parts, floor induction loops are extremely reliable and can be an important safety measure.

Door Track Guard

Track guard offers the best protection against forklift and other heavy duty equipment related accidents, impacts, and damage.  Provides maximum track protection without interfering with normal door operation  Easy installation.  Protects against both front and side heavy duty impacts.  More durable and cost effective when compared with structural options

Column protection

Column Protectors allow affordable protection for warehouse and factory columns and beams.

Rack protection

New rack protection attaches directly to the floor surrounding the upright frame.End of aisle on pallet rack is the most often damaged upright. A too tight turn with your forklift truck can cause damage to the upright and potentially collapse, causing product damage and injury.


Bollards protect a variety of facility assets from impact. Available in both Surface Mount & Direct bury Available in a durable Red or Yellow powder coat finish.

Safety Rail

Improve plant safety and efficiency with Crash Guard Safety Rails by reducing the costs associated with employee injury, machinery down time, insurance claims, and building repairs due to accidental collisions. Available colors safety yellow, gloss orange, blue and gloss black.

Modular protective barrier

These safety rails are designed for lighter use in directing traffic in and around your plant, warehouse or facility. More forceful than a yellow stripe you can keep people and equipment out of harms way.

Machine guard

Improve plant safety and efficiency with crash guard by reducing the costs associated with employee injury, machinery down time, insurance claims, and building repairs due to accidental collisions. Machine Guards provides superior protection for your facility and machinery from costly forklift damage.

Truck Restraint

Our truck restraints are simply designed, easy to use, They safeguard against unscheduled departures, trailer creep, and trailer walk, and require minimal maintenance. We offer Hydraulic, Electric and mechanical truck restraint and finally fully automatic restraint no dock attendant needed.

Post protectors

Doing the same job as Rack Guard this product is used to protect the intermediate uprights from damage from pallets or straddle truck outriggers.

Dock Safety Signal light

Our Dock safety signaling device that can help alert truck drivers and loading dock personnel to the status of docked or docking trucks . our loading dock guide lights provide added safety at loading docks by improving a truck driver’s depth perception when backing into an open dock. They provide an ideal reference point for drivers to align a truck trailer with the warehouse door while backing into a loading dock.

Loading Dock Light

Loading docks are busy environments with a high potential for workplace injury. Our loading dock light increases workers safety and efficacy  as well as proper lighting eliminate accidents. We offer energy efficient led lights as well as solar powered lights.

Dock Barrier Gate

Barrier Gates improves dock safety and prevents edge of dock accidents by preventing fork lifts accessing the dock area when the door is open.

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