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A revolving door usually made up of three or four doors hanging on a centre shaft. These rotate around a vertical central axis usually within a round see thru enclosure. Revolving Doors are designed for energy efficiency, high traffic performance and aesthetic appeal. In extreme weather conditions the cost of the door will be returned in heating and cooling savings.Commercial automatic revolving doors typically consist of three or four doors that hang on a central shaft and rotate around a vertical axis within a cylindrical enclosure.

Automatic revolving doors are powered above/below the central shaft, or along the perimeter. Around the central shaft of the revolving door, there are usually three or four panels called “wings” or “leaves.” The wings are almost always constructed with glass doors to allow pedestrians to see and anticipate each other while passing through the door. They also have a speed control to prevent people from spinning them too fast. Large diameter revolving doors can accommodate larger items like strollers and luggage racks. For fire safety reasons,  revolving doors are now collapsible.

Revolving doors not only allow large numbers of people to pass in and out, but they are very energy efficient. With the current focus on designing energy efficient, green buildings, revolving doors are a great choice for your entrance. Automatic revolving doors can be designed for one way traffic if needed. The traffic can be enter only or exit only. They are also compatible with access control systems such as card readers, biometric recognition, or other security measures. Security systems also enable persons to be separated by means of the “anti piggybacking” (two people in one segment) and “anti tailgating” (persons entering too close together) functions.

Door and Dock solutions offers a broad range of Commercial Revolving Doors that will match any commercial building. The selection and servicing of each of these door types requires considerable expertise. Ideally you should find a main contractor for all your office door installation needs, one who can offer sound expert advice, and one who also can offer all required after sales support, including long term maintenance agreements. High quality service is our top priority. Our service technicians are trained, certified and committed to the highest level of customer service. From automatic sliding doors, swing doors, folding doors or revolving doors to manual pedestrian doors of all types, Door and dock solutions provides you the experts to repair or replace any commercial sliding , revolving  or swing door to your satisfaction.

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