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Door and Dock solutions is a leader in  loading dock equipment, Industrial and Commercial doors, barrier systems and HVLS fans, Access control and motor operated gates and more.All of our products are designed for  Advanced safety,Security, productivity, and reduced operating costs at your facility on long term. We provide un- matched products and service that is different than any provider, covers every aspects in a warehouse , manufacturing facility and store front .

Commercial  Industrial door Products

1. Vertical lift door 12. Double Acting door 23. Hurricane / Wind resistant doors
2. Overhead door 13. Fire Rated door 24. High speed door
3. Telescoping door 14. Roll up grilles 25. Smoke control door
4. High cycle door 15. Side Sliding grilles 26. Self storage doors
5. Hanger door 16. Strip door 27. High speed Aluminum door
6. Bug screen door 17. Knock out door 28. High speed Rubber roll up door
7. Chain link security door 18. Thermo – break away door 29. Accordion Grilles
8. Air curtain door 19. Traffic and impact door 30. Bumper door / Impact door
9. Cold storage/ Freezer door 20. Crane door 31. Store front door
10. Swing door 21. Parking garage door 32. Pedestrian door
11. Revolving door 22. Strom shelter/ Tornado doors  

Loading Dock leveler Products

Dock Leveler Hydraulic Dock leveler Mechanical Dock Leveler
1. Power assisted leveler 3. Dock Lift 5. Baler
2. Air Powered dock leveler 4. Scissor lift 6. Compactor
Dock seals Dock bumper Trailer stabilizer
Dock shelters Light communication and Control Rain Protection
Industrial HVLS fans Barrier / Railing safety systems Dock guiding light
Dock lights Truck restraints Dock fans

Electrical Gates and Access control

1. Cantilever gate 6. Scissor gates
2. Bi folding high speed gate 7. Industrial swing gates
3. Vertical pivot gates and automatic gate 8. Gate operator / Motor operator
4. Vertical lift gate and automatic gates 9. Access control / safety control
5. Security gates 10. Key pads and wireless access systems

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