Power Assisted Dock Leveler [ P.A.L ]

Power Assisted dock leveler : [P.A.L]

Power-Assisted Levelers provide the ultimate reliability and flexibility in today’s fast moving loading dock environment. The PAL is ideal for customers whose workloads demand more performance than a mechanical leveler can deliver P. A . L eliminates the physical demands required to operate mechanical levelers. Our power-assisted dock leveler is simple to operate, reduces downtime and provides higher operational efficiency to provide the perfect balance of power and performance.

Unlike mechanical  with a powerful upward bias, the P. A . L utilizes a hydraulic power pack assembly and counterbalance assist to produce a slight downward bias. By eliminating pull chain hold down mechanisms, adjustable lip extensions and the necessity to walk down decks, the PAL eliminates the physical demands required to operate mechanical levelers. The PAL also eliminates stump-out using a patented sensor roller that rides along a reinforced cam surface, providing fluid free float motion while also adding a measure of free-fall protection in the event of premature trailer separation.

Power assisted levelers eliminate the physical demands required on mechanical levelers. They are also easier on the back resulting in fewer injuries. In the event of a power failure during loading/unloading, the PAL can be restored, and the building secured, with an easy-to-use manual override device. Maintenance locking bar with lockout pin prevents use while maintenance or cleaning is in process. The dual acting main cylinder hydraulic system provides the leveler with controlled power up and power down performance. The run off guards on the deck assembly prevent forklifts from driving off for extra safety protection.This rugged loading dock leveler combines the durability of a mechanical dock leveler and the high performance of hydraulic operation, while remaining functional even in the event of a power loss through a manual override device. It’s the perfect blend of power, performance and peace of mind.


  • Anti stump out structural steel safety legs
  • Easy and safe to operate
  • No springs or ratchets 
  • Push button control panel
  • Lower downtime costs because there are less frequent adjustments on the hold-down assembly
  • Exclusive manual override capability in the event of power failure
  • Automatic lip extension
  • High tensile steel deck, beams and lip assembly
  • Below dock end loading capability
  • Integral maintenance strut and lip support latch
  • Full range telescopic , toe guards  
  • Eliminates premature structural fatigue due to improperly shimmed/installed dock leveler
  • Night locks prevent unauthorized entry

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