Motor Operated gates and Access control :


Door and Dock solutions supply and install a wide range of access control systems to suit every need, from a single door stand alone system with coded access, to multi door PC controlled systems covering hundreds of doors and thousands of users. Our quality security gates and bollards, we can add an extra dimension to your security system with industrial doors, turnstiles, vehicle access control and fencing .

 Our team of designers and engineers are very experienced in providing automation systems that work and will continue to provide security and safety for you. Our mission is to deliver the highest quality of gate automation services and products together with new installation and repair for commercial customers.

 Many electrical gate options are available, although the decision is based on budget and aesthetics. Some systems may not be suitable for your premises due to size constraints, although we do our very best to give you professional advice on which is most suitable for your application. 

 Cantilever gates

 Cantilever gates are easy access, electric control gates that eliminate the need for tracking along the width of the entrance. At Door and Dock Solution, we understand that extra space is required at the side of the gate entrance, that’s why we designed our cantilever gates to have an additional section of about 25% to 30% to counterbalance the gate. We have designed all our cantilever gates to meet the needs of facility owners, engineers or architects who are looking to select from an array of top notch security gates that are suitable for industrial, commercial or correctional facilities.

 Bi folding high speed gate

 Bi-Folding high speed gate is a folding gate system that features unmatched drive mechanism and designed for perimeter security access where speed of closing and opening is vital or where space is limited. The drive system, which uses low voltage power supply, controls both wings while delivering smooth, fast and efficient operation. It’s a perfect combo of speed and security

 Vertical pivot gate

 Door and Dock solutions’ vertical pivot gates are designed to function in situations where sliding gates and cantilever gates are inapplicable, as a result of limited space around the gate. Vertical pivot gate, which are available in aluminum and steel construction, can also be aesthetically customized in different gate styles, sizes and customer specific needs. Vertical pivot gates are ideal solutions in virtually any situation where vehicles and pedestrians movement need to be controlled. In addition, they operate smoothly despite extreme weather conditions including heat and snow.

 Vertical lift gate

 Vertical lift gates are ideal for access control situations where traffic volume involve large vehicles such as buses and trucks  mostly suitable for applications when there isn’t enough space to install a cantilever gate, swing gate or slide gate. As quickly as 8-10 seconds, our vertical lift gates are designed to raise full 16’ high and creating about 60-80’ wide opening for efficient access by larger vehicles. However, standard vertical lift gates vary in width from 24 -26’ and about 8’ high.

 Pedestrian or security gate

Ranging from home to commercial and industrial settings, security gates are an important piece that help secure homes and property. Because pedestrian gates provide an obstruction to entry and exit, it limits free movement of unwanted guests and unauthorized elements from gaining access into your premises. We have a wide variety of security gate types in different sizes and configurations – manual and electronic  as the best solutions to manage foot traffic without disrupting the flow of vehicular traffic

 Scissor gates

Expandable scissor gates, which are often used in both interior and exterior applications, are a popular and economical way of adding extra security to glass windows, doors and interior passageways. At Door and Dock Solutions, our scissor gates are made of top notch steel materials and engineered into a foldable/ expandable design that efficiently prevent unauthorized access to a designated enclosure.

 Industrial Swing gate

Specifically designed for large, heavy gate with high volume of traffic, our industrial swing gates can be furnished in aluminum and stainless steel. All our swing gates have welded corner reinforcements for maximum strength and security. The swing gates frames and infill panels are galvanized and coated with thermal hardening powders that blends with the steel. The extra touch of paint will not only give the gate a harmonizing color with the surrounding, it goes a long way in preventing gate from fading.

 Gate operator or motor operator

 We offer gate operator for swing gate operator, sliding gate operator, Parking barrier gate,turnstiles, lift gates, Aces control products and service for our customers. We provide expert installations for manual and operator driven slide gates [steel / aluminum]. We have experience installing 4 foot slide gates to 60 foot gates at high security sites. We also installing every kind of swing gate imaginable.

 The expertise not end there we have tremendous amount of experience installing turnstiles in various corporate and high security sites. We understand access controls must operate properly every time, so we take our responsibility seriously to leave the job site with a longstanding, properly functioning turnstile for your site. Door and dock solutions trusted leader in products, services, and solutions. When it comes to employee and customer safety, you can’t afford security blind spots.


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