Loading dock seal Refurbishment

Loading dock seal refurbishment:





Dock seals

Dock leveler seals are used to create a seal when a truck is in the loading dock bay to keep out intruders, bugs, and the elements. Many Customers require this for sanitary, health code and security applications. It is also effective for overnight security if a truck has to park in the bay. Air ride trailers, shuttle trucks, slopes, and time are common factors leading to the break  down of loading dock seals and their components.

We know the loading dock and we have the most skilled support staff in TX. We service and repair all brands of loading dock equipment, and know how to custom-design a system to suit any customer’s needs. We have coordinated for years with architects and planners to ensure we apply the very best products for the widest variety of applications and we have the logistical capabilities to get them to you when you need them. We know how to maximize energy conservation and ergonomics efficiency

 For loading docks wearing out faster than expected the solution can often be as simple as a recover with a higher base fabric or wear pleats, while in other cases a dock shelter may be necessary to fully alleviate any problems. To help you get back on track, loading dock supply offers a full line of standard or custom replacement pads complete With options like wear shields, high tear fabric, fire retardant fabrics, colored fabrics and more.

 You can buy a brand new, custom built loading dock seal from us. Or you can purchase refurbished / replacement loading dock-seal materials and components to make your old dock seals look and perform like new. That’ll save you money, for sure. (Don’t forget the reduced freight and labor costs, either.) And you’ll still be getting the dock seal quality customers have come to expect from us. Purchasing refurbished / replacement loading-dock seal materials and components is the environmentally friendly thing to do as well. It allows us to reuse viable materials and components or to recycle them, thus keeping them out of landfills. You may be interested to know that we refurbish or recycle all of our polyurethane foam. In fact, we consume most of our manufacturing waste and have very little scrap.

 Order as many or as few refurbished / replacement loading dock seal materials and components as you need. We can simply send you a refurbished cover to put over your existing dock-seal vinyl. We can provide you the materials and components to create a dock seal that’s, say, 70 percent refurbished / recycled. Most always, the assembly required can be done on site by your own maintenance personnel.  We can, however, come and make the repairs for you, if the project is big enough or particularly complex. As always, we’ll do whatever we can to keep you satisfied.

 Dock seal recovers and replacement Pads

 Replacement Pads

 Ineffective and missing seals are outlets for conditioned air, as well as potential portals for the ingress of pests, vandalism, and other environmental nuisances. To get you back up and running without the need for an entire set of new pads, Loading Dock Supply offers replacement pads available in a a variety of standard or custom shapes and dimensions.


 Rather than replace your damaged seal pad with a new one, or wait till the foam becomes too damaged to repair, protect your investment with high quality vinyl recovers. Available in sets, or for specific seal components, vinyl dock seal recovers offer an opportunity to not only utilize a stronger base fabric, and wear shields, but also a lower shipping and product cost than completely new compression seals.

  •   Economic dock seal Repair
  • Easy to Install
  • Improve existing pads
  • Standard 40oz vinyl
  • Half the cost of a new seal
  • Made to fit your existing pads
  • Available with wear shields
  • Available single pads and sets
  • Lower shipping cost than a new seal

 our dock seals and shelters installation services

 we can insulate your doors against the elements, ensure they’re sturdy and secure, and provide a safe operating environment for your workers. Along the way, we rely on our experienced staff to meet your demands, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We also use only the highest quality products and materials. In fact, our primary source for dock shelters and seals is always industry leading companies .

 We can also help your existing dock seals and shelters that are damaged or broken and need repairs. If you’re facing an emergency situation, give us a call and one of our highly experienced and trained technicians can provide an immediate repair  within a matter of hours  in most instances. Likewise, we also offer appointments so we can fully evaluate the condition of your docks, as well as diagnose your seal and shelter repair needs.

 Our trained technicians know how to repair and service all makes and models. Our vehicles are always fully stocked with a variety of parts and equipment, which means you won’t have to wait for repairs to your dock seals and shelters to be completed. On top of that, we have decades of experience in installation and repair of dock seals and shelters.


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