loading dock fans Houston Texas

Loading dock fan / Trailer cooler fan : 

Dock fans, Truck cooler/ Trailer fan  creates a high velocity  of air that continually circulates fresh air throughout the entire trailer, creating a more comfortable work environment for loading dock workers. Dock fans install easily using a universal mount that allows swivel and slide positioning when clearance is limited. Dock fans Built for performance, superior distance of air throw and durability. The durable design and construction ensure product longevity and reduce maintenance costs

Truck cooler fans/ Loading dock fan is easy to maintain. The fans are available in a variety of sizes, with airflow rates designed to accommodate a broad range of trailer sizes and environmental conditions. Fan selection is a function of trailer volume, anticipated range of trailer/facility temperature differentials and the desired time to eliminate the temperature differential.  

Pole mount Fans attach to 4”, 6” or 8” poles with U-bolts. High velocity fans Offer high concentrated Air Velocity at distances Over 100 ft . Single and Double arm dock fans helps cool hard to reach loading and unloading areas. Durable hinged twin strut steel arm helps prevent sagging, extends up to 40” and folds compactly. 18” diameter high velocity fan moves 4,000 C.F.M . 


 High velocity / High performance  fan provides safer and more comfortable environment for warehouse workers

 Easy to install and maintains

 U.L listed

 Durable design and construction for reduced maintenance costs

 Quite operations

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