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Automatic swing door

Automatic swing door :

Automatic swing door operator (or swing door opener or automatic swing door operator) is a device that operates swing door for pedestrian use,it opens or helps open the door automatically, waits, then closes it.Existing manual doors can easily be automated increasing convenience and providing barrier free access for the disabled. Automatic swinging doors are available in a variety of configurations, including a single door that swings in or out and is left-handed or right-handed, and a pair of doors that simultaneously swing in the same direction. The doors are center pivoted, offset hung, balanced or hinged. Commercial automatic swinging doors can be operated through sensors or pressure mats.   There are two kinds of mechanisms in automatic swinging doors visible drive and invisible drive. Both work great, and aesthetics is the real deciding factor between the two. visible drive swinging doors the drive box and the linkage can be seen externally. With invisible drive swinging doors, the automation system is concealed in the floor or ceiling. The door looks like a normal swinging door. Visible styles can be quickly and easily connected to existing conventional doors with little effort, making them ideal for retro fitting. Invisible drive swinging doors have a bit nicer, more streamlined look. Our Full energy and Low energy  ADA door operator systems are designed to work with a variety of activating methods, including mats, push plates, motion sensors, touchless activation sensors, radio controls, card readers, and more.

Types of Automatic swing door

Overhead Concealed Mount:

These automatic swinging doors are aesthetically pleasing because the door opening mechanism is hidden in the ceiling and rotates the door directly through its pivot. Overhead concealed swinging doors can also feature access control and be integrated into the building automation system.

In Ground Operator:

Much like the overhead concealed automatic swinging door, this door’s operating mechanism is hidden in the floor. It can adapt to multiple arm systems making it very  flexible.

Surface Mount:

There are two types of surface mount automatic swinging doors a push automatic swing door and a pull automatic swing door styles.  The Push or Scissor arm style, the mechanism for these automatic swinging doors is mounted on the wall above the door on the approach side and pushes the door open with a linkage of two arms. The Pull or track style, the mechanism is mounted on the wall above the door on the swing side and pulls the door with an arm whose end slides in a track mounted on the door. Surface mount styles are excellent for pedestrian use as well as ADA compliance and are because they are surface mounted to existing fixtures, there is little or no modification necessary.

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Automatic sliding Door

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