Fire rated steel doors houston, TX

Fire rated steel doors :

Entrance door that looks cheap, is discolored or faded, or shakes the wall when it closes, can create a lasting negative impression that will remain with a customer long after they’ve left your establishment. We understand that first impressions can be crucial to the success of your business. Our door specialists can properly guide you through your door purchase process to ensure that you receive the highest quality door with superior functionality for your business.Fire rated steel doors play a vital role in keeping people safe and minimizing property damage during a fire. Labeled fire doors control the spread of fire and smoke for up to 3 hours. Metal fire doors are an economical alternative to wood fire doors, when more than a 20 minute rating is required. Steel is the sole door material to deliver a 3 hour fire rating. Door and Dock solutions carries all of your commercial hardware needs including  Door locks, Closers, Auto Closers, Panic Bars, Panic Alarms, Electric strikes, Key Pads, commercial doors and frames.

Full Flush door panels and frames are constructed of galvannealed steel. Galvannealing is a thermal process that provides improved paint adhesion, prevents rust and has a higher weldability than galvanized steel. We can also build to fit your specific needs in custom door sizes and configurations of hardware.We exclusively supply doors that are designed to meet and exceed industry standards for metal building entry doors. The designated period of time represents how long the door will hold up against a fire. Our doors are tested and meet the requirements of UL 10B, UL 10C, UPC 7-2, or ASTM E-152,  testing methods that are commonly used when testing the durability of a fire rated door. Fire rated doors should be installed and maintained in accordance to NFPA 80. The quality, longevity, weather tightness, and ease of operation of doors are especially important because they are potentially the only moving part of your building. Whether you’re looking for a door on a budget, or a top of the line door, our wide variety of door options will meet all of your requirements!

Advantage of fire rated steel doors.

  • Self closing and positive latching.
  • Help to limit damage, by retarding the spread of fire for their designated period of time
  • Building code requires the use of fire rated doors in certain applications
  • By slowing the spread of fire, fire rated doors provide the buildings’ occupants with safe means of escape
  • All types of hardware available from locks, hinges to panic bars and door exit alarms.
  • Card access systems, electric strikes, key pads and more
  • 20, 45, 60, 90 Minute or 3 hour Label
  • Available in single or double panel configuration
  • Our doors are hung by heavy gauge steel hinges
  • Insulated Polystyrene core


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