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Crane door

Crane door :

crane door install

Sealing craneway’s  door solutions improves the building’s energy efficiency considerably and also reduces dust and noise problems. For new or existing buildings, a crane door installation demands expert coordination of architectural and structural design with door requirements.Available as a vertical lift door or canopy door (tilt-up) design, crane doors are used for passage of overhead cranes (top running, underslung and monorail type. Electrical control panels are designed to interlock the control circuits for the door and crane operating system. “Crane door systems are ideal for overhead crane access“.

Heavy-duty operators and components are designed for high strength and reliability.Rapid fold up doors are made of PVC sheet with longitudinal stiffening bars which confer a never done before resistance to the wind. It provides media versatility with great impediment when it is closed thanks the steel skeleton inside the towel. Companies that require this product work with crane infrastructure to move goods indoor/indoor or outdoor/outdoor.Electrical control panels are designed to interlock the control circuits for the door and crane operating system.

This product is built resilient against strong wind loads. An automatic magnetic brake holds door in open position, and the automatic latching lock arms brace the door when closed. The panels are notched around the crane rails and include adjustable seals to effectively seal to the building.When the cranes are not required to be outside these doors enable you to offer your employees protection from the elements. Doors can be electrically or manually operated and custom designed to suit your specific crane and building dimensions.

Large industrial halls where cranes are used can be divided with special door solutions that cover both the craneways and access doorways with a single fold-up door assembly. The crane door can also be used separately and the whole door can be raised when the craneway is in use. This solution is extremely practical and flexible. The fabric is always UV-protected and extremely durable against wear and tear, windows and burglary protection are available as an optional accessory.


  • Meet the specific application requirements for your entrance door, such as resistance to high wind loads, extreme weather, and corrosive environments.
  • Ensure a reliable, custom-fit, and long-lasting door that will ensure smooth and safe operations for your cranes
  • Lower construction costs and minimum operating and maintenance expenses

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