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Commercial accordion doors

Accordion doors/Partition walls:




























Side sliding Room Partitions/ Dividers are an effective way to divide larger rooms into smaller rooms when needed. Every door is custom-crafted to exactly fit your opening, which means no trimming required.They give the appearance of a permanent wall but provide the portability to quickly store or expand. We supply the most complete line of Custom Accordion doors available. Accordion Doors, Folding Doors , Dividers , Partitions Walls . The accordion type of door is pleated with many vertical folds and supported by rollers inserted in a track mounted at the top. As it is closed the folds of the door resemble the bellows of an accordion creating a folding divider interior door system that opens by folding back in sections rather than swinging on hinges. The folds may vary in size and finish depending on the application and desired look or appeal.They can be fabricated as an acoustical divider to block out sound between areas when required.Easily fits any width opening without building a wall or compromising the use of the area as a whole.


  • Easy and quick to expand and store
  • Wide variety of colors and materials
  • Fire Rated options
  • Sound proof quality
  • Flexible and durable
  • Trimming is not required as every door is custom-crafted
  • Doors remain in place despite their open or closed state     


  • Facilities choose to use accordion doors to create “rooms within rooms“. To accomplish this, we provides movable posts that create two-, three- and four way meeting conditions.
  • Pull handles assist users when extending taller systems and are recommended on doors over 9′
  • We offers curved tracks for those occasions where the accordion door may need to navigate room obstacles
  • A popular option for accordion doors is the use of a sliding jamb board mounted to the trail side of the door. When the door is extended, the board slides to the front of the storage pocket and seals against field applied sound seals mounted to the inside of the pocket. The main benefit is to reduce the size of the accordion door needed to fill an opening by not having to pay for the area associated with the stack distance of the accordion door
  • Our uni span overhead support is designed to support the weight of an accordion door where the overhead structure was not originally designed to  support  a movable door.

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