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Dock leveler maintenance

Loading Dock Maintenance Houston:

dock leveler service


Planned maintenance can extend the life of your dock equipment and assist in the prevention of not only costly unexpected repairs, but also possible accident and injury to your personnel. By routinely checking the equipment and insuring that it is functioning well and structurally safe, you can decrease the chance of an accident at the loading dock area.Preventive Maintenance performed by Door and Dock Solutions Inc. includes; inspection, grease and lubrication, adjustment, cleaning debris from pit, minor parts, minor welding, and operations check. Unlike many of   our competitors, we do not require long term “service contracts”.  Dock leveler manufacturers all suggest that dock levelers be serviced on a “quarterly” basis, however, having them serviced at “Semi Annual ” or “ Annual ” intervals are other options available depending on your company’s specific needs. Our service trucks are equipped with the necessary power tools, welder/generator, oxy-acetylene torches and hydraulic booms/ crane trucks, and all O.E.M parts therefore we can provide you with fastest, safest, and  most efficient loading dock service. All our service trucks are equipped with approved fire extinguishers and other necessary safety and personal protective equipment. The OHSA mandates that every lifting device in the facility be inspected and provided with a written record of inspection as recommended by the manufacturer. All equipment with moving parts needs to properly maintained and serviced to ensure peak performance, this will result in a direct correlation of reduced costs on capital expenditures  reduction in downtime.

Dock equipment service:

The pit style levelers need to be cleaned out regularly, if for no other reason than to keep out rodents.Docks are magnets for trash, dirt and junk. They need to be cleaned and maintained.

Call us at Phone :[ 832]  232 – 9150 , to upgrade, refurbish, repair or maintain your loading dock equipment.

Dock Leveler Repairs/ Maintenance:

Door and Dock Solutions Inc, repairs all makes and models of dock levelers. We provide prompt service, quality workmanship, and offer the most competitive rates available. Our service trucks are stocked with replacement parts, and are outfitted with the tools and equipment. Having your dock levelers repair or serviced on a regular basis will prove to be money well spent.

Loading Dock Inspection P.M checklist:

  • Power to the loading dock equipment will be shut off and locked out as required
  • All garbage is removed and disposed from the dock pit, hinges and surrounding area.
  • All structural welds and steel are inspected for any cracks or wear.
  • All hydraulic components are checked for leaks, damage and operation.
  • All mechanical components are checked for adjustment, damage and operation.
  • All pins are inspected for wear, damage and proper retaining clips.
  • Power pack and valves are inspected for proper operation and fluid levels.
  • The master panel is inspected for any damage to the electrical wiring and buttons.
  • All components and safety features for the vertical storage dock Are inspected and tested for proper operation as required
  • Safety props, release handles and the main cylinder will be inspected for proper adjustments and operation.
  • All interlocks and safety features of the loading dock are checked and tested for proper operation.
  • All pins, hinges, bushing,  assemblies and other moving parts are lubricated as required.
  • All lubrication and adjustments are performed to the manufacturer’s requirements.
  • Minor adjustments are performed during the preventative maintenance service.
  • A detailed report of all findings will be presented to you before proceeding
  • No repairs beyond work outlined as part of the preventative maintenance program is performed without your approval.


24 / 7   Emergency  service available  Phone : [888] 611 – 7703.

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