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Cantilever gates

Cantilever gates :

Our custom fabricated gates are designed to fit your requirement. The extruded aluminum track with custom fabricated tracks, Cantilever system and the cantilever steel or aluminum monorail systems make Cantilever Gates perform smoothly even on the largest gates. These Cantilever Gates are protected by an extremely effective coating system,. The steel gate frames and infill panels are controlled hot dip galvanized and then coated with thermo hardening powders, which gives  gates protection from the elements as well as increasing its sturdiness and eliminating maintenance. The aluminum and stainless infill’s are coated with the same thermo hardening powders as the steel, but where hot dip galvanizing may leave some drips and rough surface areas, the aluminum and stainless is a much smoother surface. The color gives an extra touch of appeal to the gate, harmonizing with its surroundings. Once you have selected the color from the wide range of choices available, it will endure exposure without crazing or fading.  Our 24VDC operating voltage of the brushless DC motor permits operation via a remote power supply. In this “low voltage   power supply can be located up to 400 feet away, making installation far less costly and easier than traditional 120V AC trenching.. If any access is denied because of a system failure (remote control, keypad, or logic board) a manual system override is available in the form of a jog open/close switch. This jog switch, along with UL reset button, is located on the right side of the cover and an additional switch added near the entry keypad will ensure you are never locked out due to system failure. Many other option is come standard like battery back up for operator even the power fails you can still operate 300 times maximum. You can connect card reader and remote control / monitor, even you can connect a printer for logs, battery back up for your card reader and more.

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