Industrial curtain walls Houston Texas

Our industrial safety solutions cover areas in assembly lines, cutting and grinding, clean rooms, food production, CNC routers, robotic cells, laser light cells, or wherever dangers in your plant may be. Our industrial safety barriers are customizable to meet your size, width, fabric and specific accessory requirements.Divide your production areas, control temperature, and create more usable space without the high cost of permanent walls. Steel Guard’s industrial curtains and accessories effectively solve common space separation problems in plants, warehouses and other facilities. Industrial divider curtains help eliminate a variety of hazards in your facility and feature the following benefits:

  • As little as 10% of the cost of permanent brick and mortar wall projects, reducing your overhead.
  • Protection against most chemicals, fumes, metal dust, water and many other industrial hazards that can damage equipment or cause injury to unprotected employees.
  • Partitioning work zones, creating a leaner and more efficient production area.
  • Creation of privacy rooms to block out noise or visibility and create new work areas.
  • Adjustability to easily slide in and out of the way when not in use – Have the ability to move products through to shipping or warehouse areas in seconds.

Curtain Walls Keep Employees Safe

Many tasks performed in industrial locations present hazards for employees, and it’s important to make sure that employees know they are safe while working. Our safety curtain walls will block many different types of contaminants and keep unprotected workers from being exposed to them. Many different industries can benefit from using these safety curtains.

Where to Install Industrial Curtains

Use our industrial curtain products to prevent the spread of dust and contaminants in areas such as:

  • Manufacturing and assembly plants
  • Dust containment and control
  • Grinding and sanding areas
  • Fume containment
  • Storage facilities
  • Medical and pharmaceutical
  • Aviation paint booths and storage
  • Wood working plants
  • Anywhere space division and protection is neede

Food Processing divider Curtains

Our food processing curtains help keep the wash down cycle time to a minimum while keeping your production lines isolated from contaminants. Manufactured specifically for the food production industry and ideal for wash down areas, food production, clean room environments or other work stations

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