Bug door / Industrial screen doors

Bug screen door / Industrial screen door :  

Bug Door / Industrial Screen Doors


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A bug door is a least cost effective way to provide ventilation and natural sunlight to buildings while maintaining an insect free environment and a barrier from restricted  traffic to pedestrians. Available  standard  seven colors  to choose from.

Door Construction

Doors are constructed with a durable vinyl encapsulated woven polyester mesh that is resistant to mildew and color fading. The bug screen door material utilizes 17 X 11 scrim count plain weave and 11.7 oz. per square yard of material in your choice of standard colors.

Track System

Durable, yet lightweight, the deep channel aluminum track system tightly secures the panel in the opening. The aluminum track flairs out at the top of the guide curtain material for easy, smooth and consistent operation.

Draft Resistance and Horizontal Stability

Each door includes round ¾” diameter horizontal fiberglass stiffeners for draft resistance and horizontal stability. An optional 1” diameter metal tube is available for wider openings or high wind load applications. The stiffeners are inside a bright yellow, vinyl coated nylon pocket, which adds visibility and increases safety.

Bottom Pocket

The bottom pocket also uses a bright yellow, vinyl coated nylon and a hem chain for added weight preventing crawling critters from getting free passage at the floor contact point. Uneven or slanting floors are not a problem!

Safety Strips

Safety yellow and black strips are standard on the interior edge of the panel.

Easy Installation and Operation

The door can be placed on the inside or outside of a building with in-jamb mounting, face-of-wall mounting, or inside standoff mounting. Both the in-jamb and inside standoff use strips of vinyl coated nylon material or brush seals to completely enclose the header and sides.

 High speed   Roll up door:

There are three styles of screen door operation, which are used in addition to the solid doors already on the doorway. Which style is best for a particular application will depend on your traffic needs using the door. Here’s a break down of the three styles:

Power assisted roll up:

This type of door is generally used on ground level doorways that handle powered vehicles such as forklifts and carts. These doors can open at a fairly fast rate to minimize the exposure of the doorway and allow fast passage of traffic.

Spring assisted roll up:

These are like large window shades with spring assist rolling mechanisms. Tug on the bottom of the door and it rolls up; pull it down and it stays shut. It can also stop at various points along the track. This style is used on dock doors. On a temperate day, the solid panel door can be kept in the up position through all working shifts. The less the dock door is used, the less maintenance needed on the tensions springs. Once a truck pulls away from the dock, the bug screen door can be lowered into position.

Manual slide roll up :

Ideal for foot traffic doorways, this style slides open. It’s usually guided by a solid leading edge and compresses into a compact bundle. To bring the best doorway protection to a working facility, a bug screen door should offer these basic insect control features: Heavy-duty mesh curtains that resist tears, rot, mildew and everything that nature can throw at it, and be UV resistant.  All curtain seams should be double stitched to prevent separation during everyday usage. Openings in the scrim should be too small for even the tiniest insect to access. A tight seal around the full perimeter is a must. Pests are always looking for a way in, especially if the temptation of large quantities of food waits on the other side of the door. This protection includes a double baffle under the valance and a sweep gasket along the bottom of the door. On roll up styles, the guide track should enclose the rollers.  Another key element is smooth and easy door operation to encourage door closing. For a manual roll up door, smooth motion would come from a heavy duty tension spring. On powered roll up doors, to drive frictional load on the motor, garage roller style wheels should be part of the door support system. On roll up style doors, curtain stiffeners are needed to prevent the curtain from coming out of the guides if there are wind gusts. These stiffeners should flex and not kink or break. Powered roll-up style doors should have a break-away feature to prevent tearing to the curtain if hit by a vehicle. The curtain should be easy to reset in its guides to minimize the amount of time the door is left opened following an impact. Once the mesh doors are in place, employees and facility managers will be able to enjoy the benefits of refreshing air and reliable insect control.

Door mounting options:

There are also several different mounting options that you can choose from. The in jam mount is located under the door opening. This mounting style reduces the clearance of the opening. The wall mount does not reduce the opening clearance.

   In Jamb Mount     Wall Mount     Inside Stand-Off Mount

Door Material Option:

The material used on the industrial vinyl roll up doors is a 22oz or 40oz reinforced Vinyl. On most doors, the vinyl will be in sections that can be easily replaced if they become damaged.  

Material also has the following benefits :

  Different Color Combinations        warning messages        Fire resistant        Waterproof        Washable        Rip resistant        Rot and mildew resistant        Mesh material Available for air circulation.

Retractable Vinyl Door :

Commercial retractable doors offer an economical solution for room separation from temperature loss, dust and noise control while allowing easy access for foot, cart and motorized traffic. Each door is custom fit to your specific application.


Roll up vinyl doors are constructed with high grade materials with few moving parts. This will ensure easy installation and provide many years of trouble free service. All main components are easy to replace. Depending on your application we offer 2 types of retractable vinyl doors (Single or bi parting).

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