Horizontal Sliding Doors Houston


The results can be an energy cost savings of as much as 30% over traditional multi  part cold storage doors. horizontal sliding door is suitable for exterior and interior doorways requiring security and insulation. The panel is constructed of 20 gauge galvanized steel shell with 16 gauge galvanized steel end capping. This door is insulated with 3″ thick poured polyurethane foam rated R – 25. Operation is either hydraulic or manual. Options include manual or automatic actuation, window, padlock, metal hood for exterior applications, steel self support system, and explosion proof operator and controls.

Manufacturers developed sensors, integrated processors, and motor technology that controlled the opening and closing of the partitions with maximum precision for any circumstance. Today’s sliding door systems can open with very little pressure, and have a manual override feature. Backup power systems are built in. In addition, a person in a wheelchair can simply make contact with an accordion-style horizontal sliding door system and it will automatically retract in an emergency. The systems also automatically stop closing if there’s any obstruction, but then resume closing after a pause to maintain the integrity of the partition. Our horizontal door designs offer combinations of features to suit the application including:

Horizontal Sliding Doors

  • Energy Conservation
  • Environmental Separation
  • Fire Rating
  • Insulation
  • Pollution Control
  • Security
  • Sound reduction

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