High speed aluminum door houston

High speed Aluminum door


Our  high speed aluminum door is made from high grade aluminum slates. All the Aluminum doors are manufactured from 6063-T6 high quality aluminum alloy extrusions. Aluminum high speed door is install where security is very important,first choice for entrance door. It has the combining benefit of high speed and rigidity. It is built with safety in mind which help to prevent injuries and accident. The transparent vision panels can be mounted to the slats can increase safety and visibility. In the event of an impact and slats gets damaged it can be easily replaced. Just make a call we will come and remove the damaged slats replace with new. Even if one more slats missing the door, it still operates that means no  downtime.

We provide multiple brands as per your requirement as well as your budget and applications. These doors are high security, insulated  with quite operations as well as virtually no maintenance. Suitable for applications up to 19 feet in width or height or we we can provide any custom size door. Aluminum outside, P.V.C inside and insulated polyurethane filled slats  Complete perimeter seal are included . Frame mounted thru  beam photo electric sensor  direct drive system with integrated safety brakes  door speed up to 55” per second to open 30 “ per second to close.

Slightly curved inside P.V.C slat profile help reduce noise at high speed no hinges,cables, pulleys or torsion springs . Suitable for interior or exterior applications. Reduce energy cost and minimize maintenance cost. In case an aluminum slat gets damaged due to a serious impact, it can  be easily be replaced. In order to avoid down time this high speed aluminum door could continue to operate with one or more missing slats, provided the necessary safety measures are taken.


  • Suitable for applications up to 19 feet in width or height.
  • Interior or exterior applications.
  • Aluminum outside, PVC inside and insulated polyurethane filled profile slats
  • Complete perimeter seals are included with each door
  • No hinge, cable, pulley or tension spring
  • Door speeds of up to 55″ per second to open up to 30″ per second to close
  • Direct Drive System with integrated safety brake
  • The slightly curved inside PVC slat profile moves very quietly and thus reduces noise even at high speeds
  • Frame mounted thru beam photoelectric sensor  
  • It can open and close automatically by your choice of floor loop, photo eyes or motion
  •  It provide a 100% seal against dust pollution, drafts, and inclement weather, optional insulation simply adds to the energy savings.    

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