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Free Energy Analysis houston, Energy Audit Report

 energy analysis definition

Free Energy Analysis Houston, Energy Audit Report

We have all the tools that can help you with whole building energy analysis, which simulates expected energy use and how to  save energy  in building on long term.

Facters determine the accuracy of the analysis

  •  Building size
  • Number of workersTotal annual energy use from all fuel sources
  • Equipment efficiency data from the manufacturer
  • Lighting systems and operating schedules
  • Hours of operation
  • Regulated load assumptions, such as equipment and systems
  • H.V.A.C design and operating schedules
  • Location

Energy analysis

Any company that is looking to reduce their energy output and costs should consider having an energy auditor perform an analysis of the facility. An energy audit will show a company exactly where it can reduce its energy costs by at least 10% and as much as 40%. The savings can be substantial for both small and large businesses. Our energy assessments provide you with bench marking standards comparing your energy consumption to similar facilities.We also estimate the costs and associated energy savings of implementing energy efficiency changes.An energy audit will identify low or no-cost maintenance adjustments a company can make that ill save energy. It provides both short term and low cost energy efficiency changes that can be retrofit to current operational practices.

Preliminary Analysis

  •   Easy energy will determine the square footage of the building, and its primary purpose.
  • Twelve to thirty-six months worth of utility bills will be collected and analyzed for irregularities.
  • Easy energy will complete an energy performance summary to determine an energy index and cost index for each fuel.
  • The building’s energy utilization index and cost index will be compared to other buildings with similar characteristics.
  • Targets for energy, demand, and cost will be determined.
  • Potential energy and cost savings will be calculated and the need for further engineering analysis will be determined

Door and dock solutions technician can visit your facility and review your current  equipment / assessment for energy analysis. We also offer  assistance on regulatory and compliance issues. we develop a list of basic  energy consumption audit [ E.C.A.’s] and energy conservation measures (E.C.M.s) available to you, along with initial estimates of their potential energy savings, implementation costs, and projected paybacks and R.O.Is. Fire door Analysis , If you have doors that is have not been drop tested with in the year or if you are not sure your doors are compliant , we can provide a free analysis that can save a lot when actual drop testing the fire door. Schedule an appointment and one of our expert energy analysts will visit you.

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