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Traditional Lighting Can Be Big Expense

Your warehouse lighting needs are varied, and there is much to consider when specifying those needs. Lighting must comply with codes, use energy efficiently, enable productivity and enhance the working space. Lighting is also one of the biggest energy expenses in your warehouse and can be up to 60% of your electric bill. Traditional HID or fluorescent lighting is a drain on your resources. It wastes energy and requires routine and unexpected maintenance. Traditional lighting also struggles to comply with changing energy codes.

LED Warehouse Lighting Offers Savings and Efficiency

The key to an effective solution is energy-efficient, low-maintenance LED warehouse lighting. And pairing controls with your LED warehouse lights brings additional benefits to further reduce your total cost of operation and increase the flexibility of your operation.

Factors affecting your warehouse energy efficiency

There are many factors make your loading dock  and warehouse safe, productive and energy efficient. There are many products and solutions meet your particular  application or situations which can offer much grater ROI on long term than the traditional  loading Dock and warehouse Equipment. Energy saved is money earned. For those looking to minimize air gaps between their dock leveler, dock leveler weather seal is an effective solution that can result in better productivity and thousands of dollars saved over time. Large H.V.LS fans are another smart solution for making your loading dock more efficient, providing year round comfort while cooling and heating the air without running up your electricity bill. And accessories, like L.E.D dock lights, provide energy efficient addition to light up the inside of trailers, improving worker safety at an affordable price.

Proper insulation and energy efficiency are critical for cold storage. Not only are you protecting your products, but you’re also less energy cost. Industrial Curtains are the most inexpensive solution for temperature, dust, over spray, smoke and humidity control in industrial and warehouse environments. Industrial curtains are lightweight PVC partitions that make great temporary walls and are designed to easily slide open and remain out of the way when not in use. Industrial Curtains can be used in large areas that require both environmental separation and easy access. Industrial curtain walls also aid in reducing energy bills as they eliminate the need to heat or cool unused areas. They are the perfect alternative to permanent walls. Both flexible and adaptable. insulated curtain walls are barriers for temperature control in cold storage warehouses.

Flex Therm walls are the perfect solution for quickly changing a room’s configuration/application without excessive cost or planning. These temporary walls improve floor plan flexibility and increase energy savings by enabling users to separate cold storage areas from other work spaces. Flex Therm walls install easily into new and existing buildings and do not require building permits or facility shutdowns. The most common application for Flex Therm Insulated Panel Walls is for temperature zoning, whether it be freezer-to-freezer, cooler to cooler, cooler to-ambient, and air conditioning to ambient. Other applications for insulated panel walls include refrigerated areas, warehouse and distribution centers, food processing facilities,  manufacturing and production plants ,  

Air curtain solution with highly uniform air stream reduces unwanted/unconditioned air infiltration while enabling doorways to be left open so that people, equipment and inventory can pass freely. other solution is installing  dock loading dock seal  / dock shelter with optimal sealing ability and excellent energy saving. The flexible rubber coated fabric in combination with low pressure contributes to this.  creates the drought -free climate you need between any vehicle and the loading dock in a matter of seconds regardless of the prevailing temperature.Weather seal packages for loading docks, doors and more Under-leveler seals for sealing the fourth side of the dock opening.  and last, weather seal  not all weather seal is created equal.

Green Energy Saving 

           The following is a list of tips to save energy while making a direct attempt to reduce your carbon footprint:

  • To keep the building cooler in summer it is advisable to reduce the amount of exposed paving and other similar surfaces around the exterior. These surfaces provide a reflective surface for sunlight and also store heat releasing it later in the day. This can have a considerable effect on the temperature of your warehouse. Planting trees around the perimeter of the building and making shaded areas will cut some of the external heating allowing you to reduce your cooling bill and making your warehouse more carbon neutral.
  • Using battery-powered forklifts can reduce your carbon footprint by decreased emissions but it can also save you money on repairs. The reduced load on your exhaust fans and ventilation systems from an absence of exhaust fumes will increase the life and performance of both of these systems.

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