Dock shelters :


Dock shelters can significantly improve the energy efficiency and environment control of your buildings, as wells as added comfort for the employees and help reduce costs. Dock shelters are made with the highest quality materials and provide a barrier against elements and keeping the dock area safe and efficient. Good fit around and air tight sealing and ability to withstand hits from off center trailers are the main challenge and in actual fields everyday your dock shelter face. We offer a complete range of Rigid dock shelter, Retractable dock shelter, Air inflatable dock shelters. All products are designed to improve safety, protect merchandise, reduce cost and improve security at the loading dock. Loading dock shelters are designed to accommodate a wide variety of door and vehicle sizes.

 Rigid dock shelter is designed to allow complete, unobstructed access to the rear of a truck/trailer for easier loading/unloading operations. The curtains of the shelter seal the top and sides of the trailer by exerting pressure through stays (fiberglass spring material) built into the top and side curtains. Standard units are supplied with bottom draft pads and heavy-duty structural steel protective guards.
 This foam sided dock shelter provide effective protection for personal and cargo while loading and unloading off loading trailers. The truck back into the side and top curtains to help keep out inclement weather, dust and insects creating a productive and safer environment while saving energy cost and increasing safety.
High tear abrasion resistant fabrics with double lock stitched seams. Dried and pressure treated superior grade baking and head frame lumber 99% Memory foam core side frame with condensation drainage system. Prevents damage from off center trailers Head and side curtains inserted with stays and  foam bead on inside edge to conform and retain a tight seal against trailer top and sides. Head curtain provided with overlapping wear plates in corners and  retention cords 24” High yellow guide stripes on bottom of pads for accurate truck positioning Bottom corner draft pads with no step imprint Translucent frame top allows in natural light Most suitable for door openings up to 10 feet width and 10 feet height All mounting hardware’s are galvanized to long lasting life.
 Retractable dock shelter is best suited for facilities with large doors and where the entire truck/trailer door opening must be unobstructed. The PS-500 retractable dock shelter retracts upon impact from off-center trucks without sustaining damage. All metal components are aluminum to provide a clean, aesthetically pleasing look. The PS 500’s structural members are custom-extruded tube made from aluminum, a corrosion resistant material which offers a superior strength-to weight ratio. Fiberglass stays, which are built into the curtains, exert sufficient pressure to seal the top and sides of the truck/trailer once it is in position at the loading dock.
Inflatable dock shelter is the ideal choice to allow complete, unobstructed access to the rear of a truck/trailer for easier loading/unloading. The Air Inflatable dock Shelter with peripheral sides and variable height header is designed for wider and taller doorways and loading docks that serve a wide variety of vehicle sizes including vehicles with extended tailgates or hydraulic lifts.Inflatable shelter will improve safety and productivity while reducing costs by providing protection from inclement weather, dirt and insects while saving energy.The Air inflatable dock Seal with variable height header Member is designed for taller doorways and loading docks that serve a wide variety of vehicle heights. Head member seals across top of vehicle.High-tear abrasion resistant 16 oz. Vinyl bag fabric with double lock stitching
  • This inflatable shelter uses a unique retraction system quickly deflates & returns unit to stored position
  • On/off switch with pilot light
  • Galvanized mounting hardware
  • Motor/blower mounted in header
  • Pressure treated superior backing lumber
  • Condensation drainage system
  • Rigid frame with translucent side & top covers
  • Steel protective guards & supports
  • Galvanized steel mounting hardware
  • Bottom corner pads

Application :

  • The large clear opening allows even refrigerated trucks with open doors to park with ease.
  • The frame built from insulated panels guarantees optimum insulation.
  • The cushions are made from a durable material with woven inter lay which is inflammable, light proof, weather and wear resistant and are easy to replace.

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