Dock seals and dock shelter service :

Door and Dock provide a whole range of foam and air inflatable dock seals as well as inflexible, bendy and air inflatable dock shelters . All products are designed to improve safety, protect merchandise, reduce cost and improve security at the loading dock. Dock seals and shelters can significantly improve the energy efficiency and environment control of buildings, reducing costs.  They provide an effective barrier against the elements, keeping loading docks safe and efficient. Dock seals and shelters also provide a positive seal between internal and external environments.  They prevent the passage of dust, insects, exhaust fumes and other airborne particulate matter while the loading dock is in use.

Every little gap you notice around a parked trailer on the loading dock is costing you money every and each day. The heating and air conditioning that escapes via those gaps can fee you hundreds of greenbacks consistent with year, consistent with dock role, and that’s only a begin. without efficient seal solutions in location, dock operations are at risk for wind and rain penetration, energy loss, invasive insects and rodents, dangerous loading and unloading conditions, and harm to merchandise and gadget. While those factors are not nicely taken under consideration dock seals can effortlessly wear out, frequently lengthy before their predicted provider lives. This typically takes place due to not having enough material within the proper locations to prevent the seal from deteriorating prematurely. All dock seals are not created equal. less expensive, popular contractor grade seals can be appealing in lots of cases

When these factors are not properly taken into account dock seals can easily wear out, often long before their expected service lives. This usually happens as a result of not having enough material in the right places to prevent the seal from deteriorating prematurely. All dock seals are not created equal. Inexpensive, general contractor grade seals may be appealing in many cases. To get the most out of their performance and useful life, dock seals should be planned and specified based on an operation’s unique requirements. Dock door size is an important factor in effectively determining the style of seal needed for a particular application.

Dock seals

Dock seals are foam pads that the trailer compresses into when it backs in and comes to rest against the dock bumper. forming a seal around three sides of the trailer. Generally, dock seals provide a tight seal for a relatively low price, but they can become worn easily at loading docks that receive heavy traffic. Dock seals are best used when there is a minor variation in the size and style of trailers being served. Because of their design, foam compression dock seals can restrict forklift access to the trailer. This happens as foam and fabric from the dock seal side pads enter the trailer opening when they are compressed by the trailer. Dock seals, by design, however, typically take up less space on the outside of the dock, so if space is an issue then this may be the route that makes sense. Like dock shelters, some dock seals perform better than others. Top of the line dock seals are built with special features that protect against specific sources of damage, including trailer pressure and friction, burns from trailer marker lights, as well as head pad sag and pop off.

Dock shelters

Dock shelter are enclosures that seal the perimeter of the trailer to form a seal. This is accomplished by applying pressure against the sides of the trailer with fabric curtains fitted with fiberglass stays. They fit larger dock door openings and service a wide variety of trailer heights and styles while being subjected to less damage from daily wear and tear since they aren’t designed to be compressed into by the trailer. They also allow for full, unobstructed access to loads on the trailer for maximum loading and unloading efficiency. dock shelters historically could not provide as tight of a seal as foam dock seals, but newer models are equipped with features that allow them to match the sealing effectiveness of foam seals

Dock seals and Shelters assist keep away from safety and productivity problems associated with unprotected openings, which includes

Safety features

Dock Seals and Shelters help avoid safety and productivity problems associated with unprotected openings, such as

  • Employee discomfort
  • Energy loss
  • Theft or security concerns
  • Product damage or contamination
  • Insect infiltration
  • Slippery or dangerous dock conditions

Energy efficacy

  • Energy savings
  • Safety and productivity
  • Freight protection
  • Security
  • Storage

Ultimately, what’s important when choosing between a dock shelter or dock seal is determining the right solutions. An experienced commercial and industrial dock solution provider Like Door and Dock solutions  can help guide you to the right selection for your situation and applications. Door and Dock  solution provider will analyze your operation and help you look at options including upgraded vinyl fabric, rain shields (installed above a dock seal to prevent water from entering the building), wear pleats, and inside wear faces. A qualified solution provider like Door and Dock solutions can help you obtain all the benefits and advantages of efficient dock seal / Shelter solutions including maintenance and repair cost reduction, maximum up time for your dock operation, and a solid return on your investment.

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