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We’ve helped customers in different industries, from some of the biggest companies, find solutions for their warehouse setup . When your equipment is down, time is of the essence. Prompt, professional and affordable call Door and Dock solutions. We commitment to making your operation safer and more productive doesn’t end with your equipment purchase. We don’t sub contract out for repair work. When your equipment is down, time is money. Our certified technicians are dedicated to getting you back up and running. If you have any questions, call our office and one of our customer service experts will help you find the right models of commercial door, Loading dock and  and pricing to meet your needs.

Custom steel fabrication :

We goes beyond installer, distributions and repair… Our expert certified welding combined with custom metal fabrication creates a quality commercial or industrial door installation that is durable, safe, and professional looking. We can also provides custom welding and metal fabrication for industrial and commercial applications, both on and off  site. Whether dock plates, steel door jams or door wraps, loading dock pit framework, industrial door accessories, railings, stairways, gates, fencing, obsolete part fabrication, Stainless steel welding,  or a range of other commercial/industrial applications.  We have a fully equipped fabrication shop capable  to design, fabricate and install custom steel and metal work. Do you have two doors that you need transformed into one or vice versa ? We can do it . Door and Dock solution’s certified welders can provide custom welding services to meet your needs.

All of our work is completed with the highest quality standard by our team of fabricators and welders who have many years of structural and miscellaneous steel fabrication experience. All our welders are A.W.S D1.1 certified which ensures our welds meet A.W.S D1.1 standards. In addition to our teams ability to fabricate structural and miscellaneous steel to drawings and specifications, our team of fabricators and welders have the experience to custom fabricate products tailored to your specifications. All you need to do is provide your idea or a sketch and we will take care of the rest.


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