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 We do our work with licensed, bonded, and insured commercial garage door specialists and they will just use brand-new, high quality commercial garage door components. This is all to ensure you have a robust, reputable, and secure garage door for your facility.Commercial and industrial torsion springs are used in warehouses, loading docks, and a variety of other locations that require large overhead doors. Because of the wide range of applications, door sizes and therefore door weights, the torsion springs on commercial and industrial doors vary greatly in size and lift. Depending on the application, commercial and industrial doors come in a variety of lifts, including high-lift and vertical-lift door.

High-lift doors are a common way to utilize space as they raise the door closer the ceiling before rolling back on the horizontal tracks. These doors have a special drum that take several turns of cable to increase the moment arm as the door opens vertically. When the door rolls back on the horizontal track, the cable reaches the flat portion of the drum and mechanically behaves as a standard lift door.Over time, your garage door panels will take on normal wear and tear. If the sections begin to crack, bend or warp, this may lead to bigger issues which can affect your entire garage door . We recommend addressing damaged sections and panels immediately to prevent any further damage.Whether a bottom section or one in the middle is damaged, we can replace them promptly. No matter what happened, you only have to replace the damaged section without having to replace the whole door.

Vertical-lift doors, on the other hand, open straight up and do not roll back. These doors are especially useful in maximizing space in taller buildings, especially warehouses where forklifts move large quantities of products. Commercial and industrial torsion springs mount to spring anchor brackets. While some doors only require a single spring anchor bracket like the vertical-lift door pictured above, others utilize multiple spring anchor brackets. Multiple brackets are almost always required when multiple springs are used on a split shaft as both springs typically do not fit on one half of the shaft. Wider doors often use multiple springs in a linear system, thereby requiring the outside springs to use additional spring anchor brackets.

Single, duplex and triplex springs are all utilized in commercial and industrial environments. By fitting a spring with a smaller inside diameter inside of a spring with a larger inside diameter, the springs work in conjunction with each other and require less space on the shaft. One disadvantage of the duplex and triplex systems is that broken inside springs are often undetectable without weighing the door. Furthermore, measuring the dimensions of an inside spring is more difficult as it requires unwinding the outside spring and removing the cone before any measurements can be made.

Regardless of your spring dimensions, lift system, shaft style, spring system, or number of springs, you can order replacement torsion springs for your commercial or industrial overhead door. Door and Dock Solutions has highly qualified and experienced technicians that can fix  all of your door related  problems . You can feel confident that, we will forever use the best quality doors, Parts and  equipment. Simply talk with our technician and you will certainly see we are here to assist you. Door and Dock Solutions has highly qualified and experienced technicians that can fix your door related problems including

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