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Door and dock  sale, service and install walk in coolers to industrial warehouse applications, from cooler doors to freezer doors. We have the experience to consistently give our customers the smooth-working, long-lasting cold storage doors they need, our products that have fair price they can afford and long lasting quality they deserve and expect. ”we understand that all door and traffic challenges are not created equal, which is why we listen to our customers and then suggest the best door solution for each particular situation”. Freezer / Cooler doors are designed to address the issues of specific refrigeration areas, maintaining a physical thermal barrier between different temperature zones. Freezer door controlling the environment, controlling traffic, and controlling costs. With these concerns in mind we offer affordable, long lasting cold storage door solutions.

Why you need cold storage / Freezer door ? 

Do you have a facility that is in need of an overhead garage door for your cooler or freezer area that is capable of maintaining the interior temperature of your cooler or freezer, while keeping the cold air out of the rest of your facility? Standard type overhead doors don’t have sufficient enough insulation to get the job done, and keep the ‘cold’ locked in your cooler or freezer. As the name states, industrial cold storage overhead garage doors help keep a consistent temperature within your freezer or cooler, by keeping the cold air in and the warm air out; allowing your product to stay at a consistent temperature to help preserve its quality. Our wide range of door styles and speeds available for any application, we will help you find the right door for your specific application and budget. Let us know what you’re looking for, and our dedicated team will assist you in making the right choice.

By preventing the mixture of moisture and dry air the required temperatures are maintained thus limiting energy usage.By preventing the mixture of moisture and dry air the required temperatures are maintained thus limiting energy usage. By minimizing the time that doors are held in the open position hot air cannot permeate and infiltrate, again reducing energy usage. Some situations may require insulated curtains, with the added advantage of additional savings on energy costs. Available as a sliding, swing , vertical lift door or high speed / high cycle or Bi parting, all  freezer doors incorporate a tough and thermally neutral fiberglass reinforced pultrusion (F.R.P) framework, extruded plastic polymer casings and non C.F.C foamed in place polyurethane core. We understand the conditions that cold storage doors must endure.

If you are seeing frost on the edges of your cold storage door, water or ice on the floor from condensation, buildup on your freezer walls, ceiling or doors, it is time to replace your door. Door and Dock solutions have the technical knowledge,  resources and most experience to repair or replace / retrofit any type of  freezer/cold storage door, even if the parts are obsolete. Door and Dock solution’s specialize in industrial door service and repair. Factory trained and certified service technicians go through extensive training to diagnose and solve problems with all brands of high speed doors, cooler/freezer doors, roll up doors, high impact doors, overhead doors, and dock doors or speciality types doors on the market, any brand or model. For more details about our cold storage doors for commercial, industrial, and food service applications.

Need Fast chill ?

The essential test for dry, refrigerated and  frozen food distributors and  wholesalers  is  : controlling the environment, controlling traffic, and controlling costs. We provide Sliding, swinging, bi-folding , overhead , stainless steel , molded plastic doors and high speed doors. We satisfy specific door and application   need of the beverage or food Industry.

Temperature and environmental control

Being able to move quickly in and out of a freezer is crucial for temperature control and employee comfort 

  • High speed opening and closing minimizes air exchange
  • Effective perimeter seals, thermal breaks and thermal panel help maintain temperature differentials
  • Perfect for coolers, freezers, dry storage, produce, automated storage/retrieval, blast freezers and USDA/FDA processing

Reduced energy and cost of maintenance

The ability to move product efficiently throughout a facility and to the end user is the number one priority for food and beverage operations

  • Less air infiltration leads to lower refrigeration costs
  • State of the art insulated panels eliminate the need for conventional defrost systems in many cases
  • Self repair, break  away, and resetting options help reduce maintenance costs.


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