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Case studies:

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Case study Industrial door and Loading dock products:

Loading docks are one of the busiest areas of your company’s operation. Door and Dock solutions team of devoted dock and door experts specialize in providing quality dock and door products and services throughout Houston, TX. We offer installation, maintenance and repair on all the  loading dock brands and  industrial door brand products we sell and our competetiors brands .Some of our offerings include commercial / industrial doors, air curtains, bug screens, fire doors, high speed rolling steel doors, sectional doors, aluminum doors, insulated steel doors, non-insulated doors, sheet doors, strip curtains, high volume low speed fans, truck restraints, dock seals, dock shelters, inflatable shelters, rail shelters, compactors, balers, dock levelers, air powered levelers, edge of dock, hydraulic levelers, mechanical levelers, preventative maintenance, service, repairs, surveys and more.

Case Study 1

Knock out door Situation Description:      

One of our new clients, a Corrugated packaging  materiel company  they wanted to address the increasingly costly problem of repairing and replacing loading dock doors. At their facility in Houston , TX, repair and replacement of loading dock doors was a major issue. In a typical year fifty doors needed repairs or replacement after suffering collisions with forklifts. Not only did the damaged doors constitute a security risk, repairs often involved costly weekend or overtime repairs.


They needed a company to Analyze the loading dock conditions in the Houston facility, and recommend the most effective way to repair damaged areas Of critical importance, they needed a solution that would minimize the incidence of door damage suffered each year and Reduce the cost of Repairs.


Door and Dock Solutions a  made a site assessment and recommended replacing the bottom panels on all loading dock doors with impact-resistant universal replacement panels. These replacement panels could be retrofitted for most existing sectional doors and could be used to replace bottom, intermediate or top panels. These impact-resistant panels paid for themselves in less than a year. And in more than two years since the panels were installed, none have had to be replaced.

Case Study 2

Situation Description:Frozen food distribution facility.

Our customer a frozen  food distribution place had a malfunction with an industrial  high speed door that provided access to a much needed area with heavy traffic of their  facility and “could not afford down-time SOLUTION Door and Dock service personnel evaluated the situation, planned a service and parts strategy and coordinated an overnight repair with the customer and our electrician.


Door and Dock Solutions removed the customer’s old door and installed a new  High Speed door. The repairs were started after 9:00 pm and completed prior to 4:00am, in time for the customer’s critical first shift.

Case Study 3

Mechanical Dock leveler Failure

A height adjustable platform designed to bridge the gap between a loading dock and truck. The spring loaded platform relies on the upward motion of leveler to kick out the lip on a mechanically operated leveler. A truck had backed up to the loading dock, the dockworker had pulled the chain on the spring activated Dock Leveler as the leveler came up, the transition lip did not extend. The dockworker attempted to pull the transition lip out and jammed & pinched his hand between the truck and transition lip. This situation could have been avoided, simply by having the dock leveler serviced and maintained. ” Under no circumstances should any person or persons attempt to manually assist a spring loaded platform ” . The dock leveler’s designers intended that it be operated from inside the dock. A worker pulls a chain at the inside end of the ramp to release a spring that elevates the ramp to its full height. Once the ramp reaches the top of its travel, the transition lip fully extends bridging the gap between the trucks and loading dock the worker uses his body weight to lower the ramp to the right height for unloading the truck. In this case, poor lubrication, lack of maintenance and proper adjustments caused the dock leveler to malfunction frequently. Spring forces in the elevation mechanism weren’t enough to overcome both the weight of the ramp and the additional friction, so the ramp never reached the height needed to engage the transition lip. The company maintaining the dock leveler did not notice the dock leveler was not functioning correctly. However, because dockworkers had repeatedly complained about the dock leveler problems, the company should have investigated the unit’s operation, maintenance procedures, and potential improvements. Management should have tagged the dock leveler out of service until the problems were resolved.

Case study 4 

 Air Powered dock leveler / Air Powered Design:

A self contained air pump fills an air bag and raises the platform, as the platform lowers the transition lip kicks out and bridges the gap between the trucks and loading dock.

Problem: Faulty Transition Lip not dropping  Customer: Cold Storage Facility Situation:

A truck was backed into Dock #5 and being loaded. Once the loading process was completed the truck pulled away from the dock. The dock worker was staging for the next truck. As the next truck approached the dock #23, there was a loud noise and vibration of the whole dock area. The dock worker ran over to see what happened and he immediately noticed that the transition lip on the dock leveler did not drop from the previous truck loading. The damage that occurred to the truck and dock leveler was extensive and not cheap, not to mention that this dock #23 could no longer be used. This customer now had to call a service company out in the middle of the night, at their busiest time of the year, to fix a major problem, which could have been prevented with preventative maintenance and inspection.


When Door and Dock Solutions received the Emergency Service Call on Dock # 23, they new exactly what parts to bring out and which service truck was needed. After six hours of Grinding, Torch Cutting, Welding and Major Parts replacing Dock # 23 was back in service and ready for loading and unloading. The dockworker asked what had happened and our service team explained to him the lip had not dropped properly, due to rust and lack of oil / lubrication and Maintenance.  Causing the truck to hit it and cause major damage to the Lip and components.

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