Barrier / Railing Safety Systems

Safety barriers/ Guard rails come in a wide variety of applications and are most often used to protect people, machinery, and your facility from the serious impacts. Our Industrial Products are constructed from the toughest steel and provide non-penetrable support and protection. Safety barrier/ Railing system is an extremely tough and durable guardrail system designed to withstand and absorb severe impacts (13,000 lbs at 4 mph) without failure. They are painted yellow and provide a highly visible safety barrier system. In addition to the standard safety barrier systems, Triple rail systems, Lift out systems, and pedestrian pass through gates are available. Loading Dock safety barriers and Other gate Applications will help with “OSHA” fall protection regulations and prevent accidents at your loading dock and other areas throughout your facility.

Traditionally, this has been accomplished with painted yellow lines on the floor. While painted lines are low cost and easy to change, they offer limited visibility and benefit. Prevent Damage and Injury from Accidents Such us: Careless Equipment Operation lack of attention or distractions can easily create the potential for the fork truck and operator to accidentally fall off the loading dock Loss Of Traction-Slippery dock surfaces from rain, condensation or ice present the danger of losing control of the forklift and sliding into or through a doorway. Equipment Failure-Mechanical malfunction of fork truck brakes or steering can cause the operator to lose control and drive off the loading dock Energy absorbing bumper protect gate , forklift and the building Prevent damage to overhead door track and panels

Removable Guard Rails
Safety Guard Rails prevent damage costs related to employee injury, company downtime and machine damage. Removable guardrails are flexible enough to be used when needed, yet durable enough to provide the superior impact strength permanent guardrail clients have come to depend on. Protection across the workplace from injuries and accidents caused by moving vehicles Designed to absorb the impact of a forklifts and other in plant vehicles Available in stock single or double rail heights Easy expansion or relocation Heavy duty construction for superior strength and long term reliability Communications systems follow a logical sequence that provides a clear, visual message to forklift operators and truck drivers.

Once the restraint is safely engaged, the light on a control panel inside the dock automatically changes from red to green to indicate that trailer servicing can begin. The light outside turns red, signaling to the truck driver not to pull away. Some restraints can be equipped with advanced systems to enhance trailer loading and unloading safety. In addition to performing the same functions as a traditional communications system, the most recent technology uses lights around the corners of the dock doors to show restraint status directly in the forklift driver’s line of sight, free from any visual obstructions.

It also offers lights at the rear of the leveler to confirm the restraint’s status to forklift operators where they are most at risk inside the trailer. Wheel based restraints‘ communications systems are often incorporated into a single dock-control system that integrates multiple loading dock components, including the leveler and door. Interconnected or interlocked components ensure proper equipment sequencing for added safety and productivity. A busy dock area and warehouse with forklifts moving about can create potential for many accidents, including backing through a dock door or wall and injuring people.


Safeguard your workplace from injuries and accidents caused by moving vehicles.
Designed to absorb the impact of a forklift, sweeper, other in-plant vehicles.
Available in stock single or double rail heights that can be customized to fit any application.
Attractive, highly visible OSHA approved safety yellow finish.
Heavy duty construction for superior strength and long term reliability.
Modular construction with standard components that are easily adaptable to most applications.
Easy to install

Removable Guard Rail and Gate Systems

Removable guard rail systems protect workers, equipment and structures from accidents caused by vehicles and machinery, while allowing quick accessibility when needed. Safety guard rails prevent damage costs related to employee injury, company downtime and machine damage. Removable guardrails are flexible enough to be used when needed, yet durable enough to provide the superior impact strength ,  clients have come to depend on.

This railing system can be ordered in single or double rails. A powder coated finish enhances the safety railing’s steel surface. Industrial Safety Barrier Components, you are guaranteeing the compatibility of your safety barrier both inside and out. From bolts and clamps, to base plates and brackets, we guarantee the stability, reliability and security provided by the proper use of our safety barrier components. products can be easily constructed to your specific needs, like  height, length, location, or functionality.

Door and Dock solutions offers:

Guard Rails
Hand Rails
Rack protectors
Column protectors
Overhead safety gates
Motorized and manual safety barrier gates


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