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 After market Products Houston, TX  Parts and service  to upgrade your existing equipment, enhance the safety and energy efficiency of your dock . Whatever your ware house or loading dock needs, Door and dock solutions have the right product and quality service solutions you can afford .



Aftermarket accessories, parts and service programs to upgrade your existing equipment and enhance the safety and energy efficiency of your dock or doors. Door and dock solution’s aftermarket accessories, replacement parts and service programs to upgrade your existing equipment and enhance the safety and energy efficiency of your loading dock or  industrial door products. Finding parts for loading dock equipment and industrial doors is not always easy especially with older or specialty products. When is it okay  to install an aftermarket part or upgrade versus an O.E.M  parts ? Due to the niche nature of the equipment, the only choice is often an O.E.M parts.

 Door and dock solutions provides parts for all types of doors, door operators, door track guards, dock levelers, dock locks / truck lock, dock bumpers, Dock light, dock fans / Trailer fan, H.V.L.S fans, dock communication systems,  and more. Offering everything from ratchet bars to door springs and panels, we can help you identify the best replacement for the job and install it for you. We stock and can access parts from all brands for repair/  service or upgrade of your existing   products.


Here is a partial listing of the aftermarket products that we install and integrated, tailered solutions for your operation.

Loading dock Products

We provide ultimate aftermarket product solutions  include L.E.D dock lights, barrier gates, building protection products such as column protectors and guard rails, trailer ramps, portable loading dock plates, vehicle restraints, and conversion kits,H.V.L.S fans, Trailer fan, dock guide light, dock seals / shelters, inflatable dock seals, Air bag conversion kit, Air bags, dock leveler hydraulic conversion, dock leveler air bag conversion, Hold down upgrade, Dock Impact barrier, Dock bumpers, Brush weather seals / Track weather seals Keep out rodents, insects, dust, and other irritations with pit leveler brush seals. Designed to fit in the space between your dock leveler and dock pit, brush seals effectively seal a dock leveler virtually air tight when the roll up doors are closed. Dock levelers, Dock lifts, reflect/guide stripes.

 Sectional and Rolling Steel door Products

  •  Motor operators, automation systems, controls.
  • Track, springs, hinges, rollers, bearings & plates, springs, drums, cable.
  • Weatherstripping.
  • Section hardware.
  • Safety sensors, locks and lock systems.

 High Performance Door products

  • Bottom guides.
  • Tension, counter weight, and wind bar straps.
  • Timers, flip flop relays, digital gateways, kill switches.
  • Limit belts, spring plungers and straps, tension rollers, coil cords.

 Pedestrian door products

  • Replacement hardware.
  • Locks and lock systems.
  • Operators.
  • Motion & safety sensors.
  • Wiring.
  • Weather sealing.

This is not a complete list, so if you need parts for any commercial or industrial door, HVLS fan or loading dock equipment. Our warehouse and trucks are stocked with parts and accessories so we can respond quickly and effectively to any problem. This helps us minimize your downtime and solve more problems in one service call. We work proactively to identify strategic opportunities for increased efficiency, productivity, safety, and security through integration of aftermarket products. We source, install, and integrate aftermarket products based on your unique goals of your particular requirements. we strive to become a value added Partner to our customers.  We enable their success, providing sound advice, planning, and one stop solutions to help maintain and grow their operations.  


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