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Rolling aluminum grilles

Rolling aluminum grilles :

Rolling grilles provide access control and off hour security on interior and exterior openings. Rollup grilles as access control, for your safety, elegant design, with great ventilation area and protection with transparency.We install rolling security grilles for malls, grocery/drug stores, schools, stadiums, hotels and airports. Our complete range of products including Rolling Security Grilles provide reliable protection against break ins, theft and vandalism. Our professional technicians have the experience to install, repair and service any commercial roll up grilles, whether it be in a exterior application, or an interior application. Roll up grilles are typically used for a secondary level of security within a building, mall, or schools.

When open there is no floor track to obstruct traffic or get in the way in counter applications. We also have high performance [speed] grilles designed to operate for 300,000 cycles with operating speeds of 24″ per second to open and 12″  per second to close. They are well suited for parking garages and other applications where traditional roll up grilles do adequately meet the need for very high frequency usage or the desire for higher speed operation. Our motor operators provide the ultimate in efficiency and ease of operation. Our motor operators combine a high efficiency in line gear drive system with a low profile design that means no additional clearance above the top of the door coil is normally required. Most previously installed doors and grilles can also be converted to motor operation.

We install and services rolling security grilles for malls, grocery/drug stores, schools, stadiums, hotels and airports. Our complete range of products including Rolling Security Grilles provide reliable protection against breakins, theft and vandalism and services include aesthetically pleasing rolling gates and coiling grilles for buildings such as shopping malls or storefronts.

Reliable Security, Unparalleled Appeal

Self supporting, and constructed from strong, lightweight aluminum, Rolling Security Grilles provide reliable protection against break ins, theft and vandalism. Ideal for car parks, our rolling grilles provide open viewing and appeal, while maximizing protection of your property. They conveniently roll up above the protected entrance without a trace, use only their own footprint for space requirement and can secure openings of virtually any width. We offer a wide selection of rolling grille options, including motor, push up, chain or crank operation. While a clear anodized finish is standard on our bottom bars, we also offer custom finishes on curtains, bottom bars and guides.

Special Features

Emergency Release Device

Easy to access, this device automatically disengages the motor drive, opens an unlocked grille part way, and allows personnel to exit. Simply pull on the extended handle to activate. Return the handle to the normal position to resume standard operation. This interior-wall-mounted device meets building and fire codes, and complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Two-Point/ Three-Point Single Motion Locking Systems

Responding to customer requests for maximum locking strength, easily controlled from one central point; Metro developed the design and use of these ingenious locking systems. Our two point lock secures each jamb through the simple turning of one centrally located handle. Our three point system provides additional strength by also locking the center of the grille directly into the floor. A permanent, stainless steel closure plate covers the floor catch when the grille is raised, protecting the closure from debris, high heels or other foreign objects.

Adjustable lock strike

Accommodates various floor levels, carpeting, floor tiles and virtually any finished surface, and can be adjusted at any time even after flooring is completed.

Heavy duty bottom bar Construction

We only use the strongest, most durable, extruded aluminum bottom bars. Our lock rods, for instance, are solid steel throughout the length of the bottom bar.

Available  Rool up grille operation

Manual operated

Operates simply lifting the handle on the bottom bar by means of helical torsion spring , which are designed according to the door opening and size.

Chain operated

Mechanically operated through endless chain , sporecket and reduction gear. Heavy duty helical springs are incorperated inside the barrel assembly to help easy of operation

Motor operated

Automatically close and open with push of a button. In case power failure grilles can be operated manually.

Remote control operated

Automatically open or close with a remote control. Each transmitter is coded for maximum security, Remote control work up to  26 meter distance. In the event of power failure it can be operated manually.

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