Pedestrian Gates Houston

Pedestrian gate / Security gate :

Pedestrian security gate is ideal for controlling access in environments such as police stations, public buildings, defence establishments and even less threatening industries such as reception areas, health clubs, theme parks and stadiums.Pedestrian swing gate provides safe and secure movement of all pedestrian traffic . In commercial and industrial settings, security gates for pedestrian and vehicle passage must be up to the job of constant usage. Only high quality gates will stand the test over time. Our pedestrian security gates look and function much better than a chain link gate solution. Many facilities such as apartment complexes, swimming pools  and areas with a high volume of foot traffic need to provide a way for authorized individuals to gain access to their facility while at the same time ensuring the overall security of the premises.

We can work with you to analyze your security needs and identify the best pedestrian gate solution for your facility. We can also help you incorporate devices such as magnetic locks that will keep the gate closed until a security code is entered to release it, panic bars that allow you quickly open a gate in the event of an emergency, pin pads that require a user to enter a security code and self closing devices that force the gate to close once the individual has entered the gate.  These devices can significantly streamline the entry/exit operation of your pedestrian gate, while maintaining focus on what’s most important  the overall security of your facility.

we strive to provide quick, efficient repair services to commercial clients in need. We understand that when your Pedastrian / security gate stops working, it can seriously disrupt your daily life and routine and loss of revenue. we value customers like you, we keep our prices reasonable  at all times and quality craftsmanship  you expect, therefore we back it up with the best guarantee in the industry.

Safety features of Pedastrian / Security gate

  • UL 325 guidelines require a separate entrance for all pedestrian access.
  • Virtually indestructible
  • Complete system ensures proper lock alignment and consistent gate travel.
  • Requires a minimal amount of labor for installation, saving you  money!
  • Made in U.S.A
  • Electro Magnetic locks to lock the gate open / closed can be fitted if required and all our pedestrian gates are ideally suited for motorisation utilising electro hydraulic Operators.

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