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Knock out doors / Energy absorbing door

Today’s loading docks are handling more and more  traffic than ever before. This higher volume of traffic has increased door damage, resulting in a loss of production and higher maintenance cost if door get damaged .Sectional garage door that withstands impacts and easily resets itself back in the track. know that accidents happen on the Loading dock, we offer a full lineup of ‘Knock Out doors’ or energy absorbing door.

Designed to break away in the event of an impact, these doors can be reset without having to deal with the costly replacement of door panels. Not only do these accidents cost you money, but they result in a loss of production.Loading dock door is a major obstacle encountered when moving product in and out of your facility. Unfortunately all the investment made on the inside of your facility to maximize efficiency and productivity can be derailed by a failed dock door and security is also another concern.

The higher volume of traffic has increased door damage resulting in loss of production and higher maintenance cost. Dock door manufactures have developed an innovative  solution to combat door damage and energy loss on   loading dock. That solution is knock out door, a sectional garage door that withstand impacts and easily resets itself back into the door panels and tracks.

As a result of these impacts panel and track damage from fork lifts running into door panels and tracks and track damage are common and can lead to expensive repairs , replacements , energy loss and security also compromised lead to theft and vandalism. They  selected to install r regular cold storage areas. These doors feature a rugged 12 gage track and thick insulated foam core panels with damage resistant interior facing.It provides a high R  value in temperature controlled environments like freezer or cold storage, and includes a tight perimeter weather seal with a double loop seal to prevent energy loss.

One time Knock out door solution will keep your product moving across your dock, and your budget won’t knocked out. knockout doors also require maintenance. Maintenance costs are certainly reduced with knockout doors, but they still require spring adjustments and other regular service check ups that are similar to those on standard sectional doors. Even the best run facilities experience door damage from fork lifts running into door panels and tracks. As a result of these impacts, panel and track damage are common and can lead to expensive repairs, replacements, and energy loss The impactable doors  installed have more than paid for themselves in reduced maintenance, downtime, and parts long terms.


  • Simply open and close to reset, no spring loaded rollers or pins to maintain
  • Panels are lightweight and insulated, suitable for temperature controlled loading docks
  • Rugged design to  resists damage from impact
  • Heavy duty hinges
  • one lock for security
  • Wind loaded door available
  • Manuel chain hoist or motor operated
  • Bottom brush seal in addition to loop seal

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